30.1. – 31.1.2010

“Silver Thread” – Introductory workshop of “Psychotherapy of the body by the 8th key”

What is “Psychotherapy of the body – the 8th key”?

It is a holistic system of natural healing which resonates with the language of the organs of the body in all three dimensions – physical, mental and spiritual. By the ancient knowledge as it is preserved in the Kabala (as a scientific language of ancient times) the system gives us the key to the formula that reconnects us with the first memory that is printed in our DNA at an energetic dimension. This regenerates our abilities for transformation on all levels of existence in all cycles of life.

How does the system work and what are the benefits that the system provides?

By activating the tools of the system, it transfers the brilliance light from the source of all living to each cell of our organs. With the powerful softness it makes a pass by to pain and blockages, it releases traumas and dust, and heals chronic and acute illnesses from the “fetus day” till today. It enables the body to activate the wonder of healing itself. It allows giving up old habits and patterns of thinking and creating a new reality. Using a “silver thread” the system reconnects us to our first nature and enables us to manifest our real talents and potentials.

By using this system you will have the tools for an awareness path, for self-healing and to help the family and close surroundings.

The workshop consisting of a theoretical and a practical part resonates with the frequency of the woman/man wisdom. We will learn the following tools: fetus breathing, meditation – a »presence« exercise to activate the brilliance light, primal movement exercises – proper walking, standing and sitting, connection with the “silver thread”, prayer and blessing, healing touch for self-healing, and wise nutrition.

The workshop will be led by an esoteric teacher and cabbalist Avigail Mor from Israel. Her knowledge and experience have been gained by studying and researching alternative and complementary healing practices. She passes on her knowledge by a vivid and accessible approach in order to use and try this knowledge in everyday life.

The workshop will take place on 30th and 31th (from 10.00 to 20.00) of January, 2010, in Aluma InnoMedic© Centre in Ljubljana (Cesta v Zgornji Log 42, 1000 Ljubljana, Vič).

The fee: 300 euros (DDV is included). Advance at registration (in cash or at account TRR Aluma d.o.o., TRR 10100-00440-38383, Bank Koper): 50 euros.

The workshop is suitable for women and men and no knowledge in advance is needed. It is suitable also for those who have already participated at this workshop and would like to repeat the experience. Translation from English will be provided. There will be short brakes during the workshop. Comfortable dress and slippers are recommended and leave the jewellery and watches at home.

For registration and additional information call +386 40 221 459 or write to #EM#696f646c44646a726568247865#EM# . The registrations are accepted till January 15th 2010 or till the maximum number of participants is reached.

By using the silver threat you do not need to stop the train of life in order to be alive.

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